How Long Do Softball Games Last

Softball is a fun and entertaining sport to play and watch. Whether you are a coach, fan, parent, or player, it is important to know how long a softball game typically lasts.

As we discussed, most softball games will last around one to two hours depending on the league, level, and associated rules.

How long are softball games?

Softball does not have a specific running time like other sports where games are divided into periods of a specific duration.

In softball games, there is no clock to measure time. Just like in baseball, the length of the game is determined by the number of innings.

My favorite softball team

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Duration of a college softball game

The duration of a college softball game depends on the format of the game.

The most common format is seven innings, with each team having at least three outs in one inning to complete it. However, other formats may be used in tournaments or exhibition matches.

How long is a round?

An inning is when both teams take turns batting and fielding. When three outs occur, the teams switch batters and the other team will be on the field.

A player can get out not only by hitting and missing the ball, but also by catching the ball in the air before he hits the ground. Also, a runner can be hit by the ball when he is off base. Click here to find out how many innings there are in softball.

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