How Long Do Volleyball Games Last

Often the home team is asked to arrive early to help set up and put away the equipment. Again, it depends on the level of the league – for the younger teams, learning this responsibility is an important part of their volleyball career. However, later in the college leagues, players can focus more on the game and less on setting up and cleaning up the team.

While visiting teams aren’t typically required to set up and clean up, they spent more time going the extra distance to their opponent’s gym.

How long do college volleyball games last?

Traditional youth volleyball matches are played for the best two of three sets and can take an average of 46 to 60 minutes to play the entire match.

Beach volleyball is not a very popular youth sport, so there are no statistics available for the average times of these matches.

Number of sets

The main factor that determines the length of a volleyball match is the number of sets played.

The fewer sets played, the less time both teams will spend on court and winning sets can indeed make all the difference to a team’s future performance in a tournament or other match.

How many points are needed to win a set?

As I mentioned in my original answer above, a team needs 25 points to win a set. This would mean that a team would have to win at least 25 rallies. That being said, volleyball has a rule of thumb similar to the rule of two in tennis. To win, this rule requires a team to reach a difference of at least two points equal to or greater than 25 (ie 26-24). Often this rule will limit points to 30 points, meaning that in theory a team could win with a final score of 30-29.

The number of sets can also change the number of points needed to win. In the event of a tie, the number of points needed to win the set will increase to 15. For example, in the third game of a 2v3, the winning team would be the first to reach 15 points. However, the rule of two still applies here, requiring a spread of at least two points. In this final set, the point limit is changed to 20 points.

What is a pseudo rally?

Pseudo exchanges are actions and plays that occur with an unforced error or point on serve. Under this falls the ace in the serve, the error in the serve, that is, all the games that last less than 1s. Thus, if we exclude pseudo-exchanges in volleyball matches, the duration increases to about 6.9 s in men and 8.25 s in women. Let’s look at a table.

A volleyball timeout is an official break in the game that each team can take to rest players, change game tactics or get the opponent out of rhythm. For each competition, there are different rules; here in Europe or under FIVB rules, each team can take up to two timeouts, and they last 30 seconds. It is important to note that there were also technical waiting times that the FIVB and CEV prohibited in competitions in 2019.

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