How To Change Bringhtmness In Gba Games 3ds

Bob gave me the idea to investigate the current state of racing wheel support on the MiSTer. It seems that most wheels are not plug and play and will require additional support in the main Mister release branch one way or another. If you have a Logitech G27, G29 or GT you might be in luck, these seem to be the most compatible racing wheels at the time of writing

Nintendo’s 3DS is a pretty stellar handheld device. From its physical design to the embedded software, from its spectacular in-game visuals to glasses-free 3D, I’m sure the 3DS is easily Nintendo’s best handheld to date.

It surpasses the capabilities of the original Nintendo DS and DSi in almost every way. The key word here is “almost”, because there’s one area where the 3DS can’t quite compare to the DS: playing DS games.

Is it possible to change the language in the Pokémon games?

You cannot change the language after starting the game. If you want to change the language, you will have to delete your save data and start from scratch.

The 3DS is region locked, so if you buy a Japanese 3DS, you can only play imported Japanese games, and if you buy a European 3DS, you can only play their games, and soon.


Smooth gameplay and improved brightness and resolution make games stand out. Perceived clarity takes a slight hit in 3D mode. The lenticular grid screen displays two images at once (400 × 240 each, totaling 800 × 240 pixels), one for each eye, so any movement outside of the 3D sweet spot (in some games) can seriously impact the game.

Otherwise, it’s just a Nintendo DSi with 3D capabilities. The games run extremely well, even the older games, and the launch titles, discussed below, are all average to strong. Even if you turn off the 3D feature, you still get a DSi-like sized device with some nice improvements.

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