How To Unhide Games In Steam

You can hide all the details if you want absolute privacy and don’t want anyone to know your game list, achievements or playing time. Here’s how to access your Steam profile privacy options.

How to View Games on Steam

If you have Steam games in your library that you’ve hidden and want to view, here’s what to do. First, open the Steam app and click on View in the top left corner. On the popup menu, click Hidden Games.

The difference between hiding and deleting games on Steam

Many people confuse hiding games on Steam with deleting them. When hidden, you can access the games at any time, which means you can remove them from the hidden list, install/uninstall and play them at any time. However, games that you remove from your account will be permanently lost. Once you delete a game, there is no going back.

Note: Many websites show how to remove games from Steam by right-clicking on them in their “Library” and selecting “Manage -> Remove from account”. However, the option is only available for certain games, often free games with no retail price, freebies, or paid games. We discovered a new method that allows you to delete any game you want and it is quite easy to do as shown in the steps below.

Benefits of hiding games on Steam

Hiding a game from your Steam library helps decrease the number of games in your Steam library. You can hide a game that you don’t play very often. When you hide a game it is not removed from your Steam library, you can easily play it and access it with just a few mouse clicks. If you don’t know, you can follow the steps above to watch a game on Steam. When you delete a game, it is permanently removed from your account and you must repurchase it to play it again. But when you hide a game, it is hidden in your library, but you can see it or play it at any time.

​​Conclusion: You can easily watch a game on Steam. Access the hidden games section from the view option at the top left of the screen and from there you can see the hidden games in your Steam library.

View your games on Steam

  1. Now launch the Steam client and sign in with your account.
  2. On the top left corner of the Steam client, you will see the View menu bar.
  3. Click View, you will get a drop down menu. In this menu, select Hidden Games.
  4. Now, on the left side of the client, you will see the Hidden header.
  5. Below you will see the games you have hidden.
  6. Right-click the game and click Manage.
  7. And finally, click Remove from masking.
  8. The game has now been unhidden from your Steam library and will be immediately visible.

And this is how you can hide and show your game on Steam. As you can see, the process is simple and super easy. It will take about a minute for you to be able to hide and show the games you want. We hope this simple and easy guide has helped you hide and show games on Steam. Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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