How Many Incredibles Movies Are There

Brad Bird wrote and directed the phenomenal film IRON GIANT. He has now brought his talents to Pixar to produce an extraordinary film, THE INCREDIBLES. This movie isn’t just a solid superhero action-adventure story; it’s also a strong family drama with a lot of fantastic humor. He defends the good and rebukes the bad. The … Read more

When Do The Barbie Movies Come To Netflix

The tapes of the Barbie movie saga are available for streaming. (Netflix) Beyond being a famous toy line, Barbie has also accompanied generations of children with her movies, TV shows and video games. They have recently released some of the best-known live-action wristwatch productions on Netflix and have become a trend on social media. What … Read more

How Many Night In The Museum Movies Are There

Disney is developing a new animated film based on the 20th Century Studios franchise, “Night At The Museum.” According to “The DisInsider,” the animated film is tentatively titled Night At The Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again. The new film will center on Nick Daley, who is the son of Ben Stiller’s character Larry Daley, who is … Read more

How Many Friday Movies Are There

A new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals a fierce battle between Ice Cube and Warner Bros. over “Last Friday,” the fourth film in the “Friday” comedy franchise in nearly a decade. The two parties agreed to develop “Last Friday” in 2012, with Cube reportedly receiving $11 million. Disagreements over the script and other … Read more

Doctor G Movie Where To Watch

Movie NameDoctor Gott PlatformNetflixottRelease Date11 Dec 2022 The movie will be released in all theaters in India and the music for the Doctor G movie was composed by Ketan Sodha and Amit Trivedi. The OTT platform will definitely buy the Doctor G movie to stream online. If you want to know the official OTT platform … Read more

How Many Riddick Movies Are There

The Chronicles of Riddick is an impressive sci-fi series that combines your seat action with your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind film series. It takes place in a fictional universe at a time when interplanetary travel was understood by man. The star of the show is Vin Diesel, who plays Riddick, a self-proclaimed evil character … Read more

How Long Are Movie Previews

Many moviegoers, like me, love going to the movies for the trailers. Even though we are at the theater to see a new release, we still love to see what blockbuster movies will follow. unpopular opinion: I love watching movie premieres So what time does the movie start? Do previews start at movie time? So … Read more

Where Can I Watch The Lego Movie

The future of the LEGO Movies will be affected by a new deal between Universal Filmed Entertainment Group and Peacock as broadcast rights have been sold. Universal has agreed that all future films from the mass media company will be released exclusively on the Peacock platform. The deal was announced to include all of the … Read more

Movies Like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

HOW TO LOSE A BOY IN 10 DAYS is a light-hearted and entertaining romantic comedy that, due to its foul language and sexual content, is not suitable for children. The film stars Kate Hudson, the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, and Matthew McConaughey as a magazine writer and advertising executive in New York. Hudson plays … Read more

Movie Where Time Is Money

“In Time,” a new sci-fi movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, is as timely a film as the one coming out this year. It is an allegory of the haves and the have-nots. In this case, 1% of the population controls 99% of the world’s most precious asset: time. However, instead of occupying the … Read more