How Many Jackass Movies Are There


Feeling the need to revisit something as simple and similar to its predecessors as Jackass 4.5 indicates how much power the Jackass franchise has over me, and yet I can’t resist. The 0.5 Movie Collection, an accumulation of leftover footage and interviews from any more recent Jackass movies, loosely described as “documentaries,” is just as magical, if not more enjoyable to me, than the “official” Jackass movies in a sense. .

Jackass 3D (

This is a proper sequel to the 2006 film Jackass Jackass Number Two. Jackass 3D, sometimes referred to as Jackass 3, is an American 3D reality comedy film. movie stars the regular cast of the series and films under Jackass. However, it is also the last of the Jackass films to feature Ryan Dunn as the actor died a year after the film’s release. The film is also the Barn Margera’s last appearance as a main cast member. .

The film also marked the franchise’s 10th anniversary and became a worldwide hit.It is also the first time the franchise has explored cinema in 3D, a large amount of movement “jumps” off the screen via 3D technology, giving viewers a whole new experience.As in previous films, Rip Taylor is the one who says goodbye to the film in l to screen.

(tixag_ 2) Jackass Movies on Netflix

Jackass: The Movie is the first place to start binge-watching. The 2002 movie kicked off the epic movie franchise we have today, and it’s where tons of dangerous ideas for future installments were born. Plus, this movie took us all over the world and made Jackass the global phenomenon it is today.

In addition to the 2002 title, subscribers can also watch the following titles on Netflix:

Jackass: The Movie (

Jackass: The Movie, released in 2002, is the movie that started this whole movie franchise. It’s also the movie that inspired a lot of other people to do crazy things in all kinds of different places. And it’s probably the inspiration for a lot of YouTube personalities who love to do funny stunts in public.

In Jackass: The Movie, we see Jonny Knoxville team up with all his crazy friends on an adventure in Japan what they’re up to While roaming Tokyo, the gang did all sorts of crazy things to entertain

(tixag _3) Other films :

  • Jackass 2.5
  • Jackass 3.5
  • Jackass Gra ndpa .5

peut regard these days. The most recent one was released in 2022 after a gap of nine years. We cannot be sure if there will be any more additions to this list. Two additional movies have all the funny parts recorded for you to laugh and enjoy yourself.

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