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Thanks to interviews with Olivia Wilde about her upcoming feature film “Don’t Worry Darling”, actor Shia LeBeouf is back in the news. The actor was set to play Harry Styles in the film, but she claims he was fired for misconduct and to “protect the team from him.” LaBeouf was replaced in September 2020, and a few months later, in December, LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, made serious allegations and sued for the mental anguish and physical and sexual abuse she suffered from him during their relationship. Considering it was still the #MeToo days, it seemed like LaBeouf’s career was over for the moment, but he’s looking to make a comeback in a new movie called “Padre Pio.”

Grade: C

“Padre Pío” premiered at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. It is currently in the distribution process

“The Mystery of Padre Pío” by José María Zavala

“The Mystery of Padre Pío” is a documentary that constitutes an incursion by the Spanish journalist José María Zavala. Throughout these 80 minutes, the documentary carries out a real investigation into the events that made the Capuchin friar known: the stigmata, the cruel persecutions of the devil and his beatification process by the Vatican. It is discovered that Padre Pio was intervened in the confessional and accused of having sexual relations with his spiritual daughters, he suffered relentless persecution by the certified men of the Church. Thus, the documentary offers, like a thriller, testimonies and documents never before revealed, about the plot carried out against this great mystic who carried the stigmata of Christ for 50 consecutive years.

An Italian film by Massimo My, this documentary available on YouTube traces, thanks to unpublished images, the moving itinerary and the testimonies, in the footsteps of this extraordinary priest, adored by some, in contradiction to others, but which has always been a subject of wonder and revered throughout the world.

Saint Padre Pio, pray for us, please!

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